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Groin Injury Treatment in Noblesville, IN

Groin Injury Treatment in Noblesville, IN

A groin pull, or groin strain, is known well in the world of sports, plaguing far too many athletes as they push themselves to their limit. Groin pulls occur as the result of the muscles in your groin and thigh receiving too much stress, when they are tensed too forcefully or suddenly, and consequently become over-stretched or torn. Groin pulls are especially common among athletes whose sport requires an abundance of intense running and jumping - sharply changing direction is likely the cause.

If you feel you are experiencing a groin pull or strain, there is a specialist to assist with your recovery in Noblesville, call (317) 900-4440 or contact Dr. Michele Zormeier online.

Groin Injury Symptoms

While sports-induced injuries often create pain that can be difficult to distinguish, there are certain symptoms that may specifically point to a groin injury. You may find you have experienced a groin pull if you:

  • Experience pain and tenderness in the groin and the inside of the thigh
  • Experience pain when you bring your legs together
  • Experience pain when you raise your knee
  • Feel a popping or snapping feeling during the injury, followed by severe pain
  • Feel pain where the tendon attaches to your pelvic bone

Groin Injury Prevention

When groin pulls occur, they can be extremely painful and, worse, debilitating. But they can also be prevented. You can help prevent yourself from getting a groin pull by:

  • Warming up your legs and groin muscles prior to engaging in physical activity
  • Wearing shoes with good support that fit well
  • Increasing the intensity of your physical activity gradually - with no more than a 10% increase per week
  • Refraining from exercising if you feel pain or tightness in your groin or the inside of your thigh
  • Regularly engaging in strengthening exercises for your thigh muscles, especially if you've had a groin pull in the past

Groin Injury Treatment

If you find you do suffer from a groin pull, recovery can start at home. Start with:

  • Icing the inside of your thigh
  • Compressing your thigh using proper elastic bandages or tape
  • Taking anti-inflammatory medication

If at-home treatment is not providing relief or you have difficulty walking, it is important to contact your healthcare provider. Your healthcare provider may recommend several additional therapies to help reduce inflammation and pain levels such as a sports massage, specific stretching and strengthening exercises, as well as prescription medication. For severe groin strain, physical therapy may be necessary.

On average, it will take 12 weeks to fully recover from a groin injury, though this may vary depending on the severity of the pull. Pulling or straining your groin can be extremely painful, and it has the potential to debilitate you. Regain your mobility and ease your pain by contacting a specialist in Noblesville, call (317) 900-4440 or contact Dr. Michele Zormeier online.

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