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Synvisc-One Injections in Alexandria, VA

Synvisc-One Injections in Alexandria, VA

Synvisc-One is a type of injectable fluid used to lubricate and cushion the joints of the knee for patients with osteoarthritis. Men and women who develop osteoarthritis often experience joint stiffness and pain triggered by overuse, loss of natural lubricating fluid, bone spurs and more. These complications can have a significant impact on quality of life and the patient's ability to enjoy daily activities.

To learn more about Synvisc-One injections, please call (540) 356-3353 or contact Dr. Anne Truong online.

Are Synvisc-One Injections Right For Me?

Any adult with osteoarthritis of the knee could be a candidate. Your healthcare provider should not inject Synvisc-One if you have any active infection inside the joint or skin diseases near the injection site. You shouldn't take Synvisc-One if you are allergic to its main ingredient, hyaluronan.

What Are Synvisc-One Injections Made From?

Synvisc-One Injections are made from a gel-like substance called hyaluronan, which occurs naturally in the body. The highest concentrations of hyaluronan are found in the joints. Synvisc-One is made from hyaluronan found in chicken combs.

What To Expect During Synvisc-One Injections?

Synvisc-One is injected with a needle into the space around your knee. The medication should be given by a trained healthcare professional, and the procedure only takes a few minutes. Your provider may give you a bit of numbing medication in your knee before the shot or use a cream to numb the skin. Most patients tolerate the injection well.

How Long Will Synvisc-One Injections Last?

Most patients receive about six months of pain relief and lubrication from one injection. It can take up to a month after the injection to begin to notice pain relief.

Activity After Synvisc-One Injections

Your healthcare provider will recommend light activities for a few days after your injection. Avoid high-impact exercises like tennis and jogging for at least 48 hours. Ask your provider for more information about safe activities.

Synvisc-One injections are made from the same ingredients as traditional Synvisc, but patients only need one injection instead of the three that are required with the traditional formulation. Both types of Synvisc provide up to six months of knee pain relief.

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To request additional information about Synvisc-One Injections, please call (540) 356-3353 or contact Dr. Anne Truong online.

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