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Scoliosis Treatment in Stevensville, MD

Scoliosis Treatment in Stevensville, MD

Scoliosis is a medical condition in which the spine curves resembling the letter S or letter C instead of a straight line.

For people who develop scoliosis naturally, it's most common in girls and usually shows up between the ages of 10 and 12, or in the early teenage years when your body is growing the fastest. You may remember having your back checked for scoliosis in school - this usually happens around 6th grade - the most likely time to identify it.

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Causes of Scoliosis

There's no known cause of scoliosis for most people. A few others may have developed scoliosis after an injury, disease or birth defect.

Scoliosis Risk Factors

Scoliosis can occur when you're young or even as you age. It's also more likely to run in families. If you have a parent, brother or sister with the condition, you should have your back checked regularly by your healthcare provider.

Scoliosis Diagnosis

Your healthcare provider will use your family history and physical exam to diagnose scoliosis. You may also need an X-ray to show the curvature of the spine. Your provider will be able to measure how curved the spine is in degrees and decide what treatment is best based on several other factors.

Scoliosis Treatment

The type of scoliosis treatment depends on several factors including:

  • How severe the degree or pattern of the curve is
  • The person's age
  • How much more they will grow
  • The kind of scoliosis they have

Some of the typical courses of treatment include:

  • Observation—your provider may monitor the scoliosis every 4 to 6 months to keep track of any changes.
  • Bracing - bracing can support the spine and is a good option for mild to moderate scoliosis cases and they are still growing.
  • Surgery - surgery is reserved for the most severe cases where the spine is bending more than 45 degrees and may be used in patients who are still growing, or in cases where scoliosis is getting worse. During surgery, vertebrae or backbones may be fused (joined) together. Another option is to place a metal rod that will help keep the spine straight.

Alternative Treatment Methods

There aren't currently a lot of other treatments for scoliosis. Exercise, chiropractic care, and even electrical stimulation have all been considered options for treatment, but none have proven effective in reversing the condition.

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